Attaching The HEFT

Just Twist & Click!

To attach The HEFT to almost any long shaft tool, including rakes, shovels, and spades, simply place the collars of The HEFT perpendicular to the shaft of the tool, rotate The HEFT 90 degrees toward the shaft, and The HEFT will lock on, ready to help you shovel with more comfort and less strain.

To remove The HEFT, simply twist it in the opposite direction and it’s off, ready to be hung up or attached to another long shaft tool.

See Snow Shovels & Spades  and Garden Rakes  for specific instructions on attaching The HEFT to these tools.

The HEFT works on shaft diameters of 1.2″ to 1.33″. If it doesn’t fit… it will not grip!

The HEFT’s Revolutionary Over-Under Collar

What exactly makes the HEFT so unique? The HEFT’s patented opposing collars mimic one of the strongest grips in weightlifting – the over-under or opposing grip. This special grip permits athletes to lift hundreds of pounds, and it makes The HEFT’s grip on your long-handled tools incredibly strong.

The unique design of the collars also makes The HEFT incredibly ‘user friendly’ – there are no moving parts to pinch fingers, no tools required for assembly and no nuts, bolts, washers or screws to lose. The flexible locking collars allow placement on most long shaft tools in less than one second.