The HEFT Story

An Award-Winning Invention Born from Necessity

Inventor Marco Longley and his wife Anne are the inventors of The HEFT (Highly Effective Fulcrum Tool) – but how did they come up with this great idea?

To know what prompted this unique award-winning invention, we need to go back to 1990, when Marco was a competitive cyclist. Marco was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a drunk driver and was badly injured. As a result of the accident he had two major lower back surgeries and a shoulder re-build. To this day Marco is still very limited in the type of physical activities he can undertake – but these health challenges are what lead Marco to inventing The HEFT.

In 2008 Marco started tinkering with the idea of a secondary handle attachment for a snow shovel. With his injuries, Marco found it very difficult to shovel snow in the winters, as well as using spades, rakes and other long-handled tools throughout the year. Sure that he could come up with a solution, Marco turned his garage into a workshop. He even learned how to weld just so that he could make various HEFT prototypes.

Through trial and error Marco adjusted angles, materials, and made many changes, but it was when his wife Anne suggested one small change to the collars of The HEFT that the ‘aha’ moment happened, and the patented locking collar design was born.


Manufacturing The HEFT

Watch a brief video of The HEFT being manufactured, right here in Canada! Thanks to Edy Vega from our manufacturing partner Onward Cluthe Hardware Products for the video.

Dragons’ Den Update

Watch as HEFT inventor Marco Longley is profiled on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, where he sees his ergonomic secondary handle for long shaft tools on Home Hardware shelves for the first time.

HEFT Timeline

  • 2014 October – Home Hardware commercial for The HEFT begins airing nationally
  • 2014 October – CBC Dragons’ Den update airs, outlining The HEFT’s success to date
  • 2014 October – The HEFT becomes available in Home Hardware stores across Canada
  • 2014 June – Marco and Anne film a Dragons’ Den update at the Chilliwack Home Hardware
  • 2014 May – production of The HEFT begins
  • 2014 – The HEFT is licensed by Home Hardware
  • 2013 – David Bernhardt assists in perfecting The HEFT prototype via 3D printing technology
  • 2013 – Dave Chilton of ‘The Wealthy Barber’ and Dragons’ Den fame joins forces with Marco and Anne
  • 2012 – Marco pitches The HEFT to CBC’s Dragons’ Den investors, lands a tentative deal with Arlene Dickinson for The HEFT’s Intellectual Property rights
  • 2012 – The HEFT takes Bronze at National Hardware Show in Las Vegas
  • 2008 – Marco begins prototyping The HEFT in his garage workshop