Marco’s “Team”

Heartfelt Thanks from Marco

While everyone’s help was truly appreciated to get The HEFT from a garage-made prototype to being sold on store shelves, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the two Daves in our lives:

dave-chilton David Chilton – who has been invaluable in providing his expertise, knowledge, know-how and influence in getting The HEFT into Home Hardware. He is a man of integrity who has come through for us and believed in The HEFT. It has been an adventure and roller coaster ride but without his guidance and energy we would not be where we are today. We are honoured to have worked with him.
dave-bernhardt David Bernhardt – for the hours and hours of work in designing and perfecting the 3D printed HEFT prototype. He took the early HEFT protototype and made it even better, and was instrumental in being the ‘go-between’ with our Canadian manufacturers. His dedication and desire to see The HEFT succeed has helped get it to where it is now. Not only that, but he’s become a great friend!
edy-vega Edy Vega – who as VP Marketing & Business Development for our manufacturer, Onward Cluthe Hardware Products, has been great in keeping us updated with progress on The HEFT throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Intellectual Property Work

Intellectual property work was done by Brian Dubberley at Inventive Solutions.

Web & Social Media Strategy

Website development and social media support provided by iContext Internet.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law services provided by Bereskin and Parr Intellectual Property Law.

Marco’s Message to Friends & Family

“Thank you to the following fine folks who have supported and nurtured me to pursue my dreams… they are who keep me going and have never failed to encourage me.

  • My amazing wife, Anne… she keeps me on track, focused and staying within budget.
  • My parents, Joy and Bud Longley, for their enthusiasm and unwavering support through all my ideas and adventures.
  • My brother Paul – best bro anyone could have… with a wicked imagination and engineer’s brain. Designer of the original HEFT logo.