FAQ’s Got a Question? We’ve Got the Answers!

1.  Does the HEFT fit all sizes of snow shovels or other tools?

Answer:  No, the HEFT is designed to fit the most common long shaft tool diameters of 1.2 – 1.33″, so it may not fit ALL shovels due to the large variety of makes and models.

2.  What can I do if the HEFT slips on the shovel?

Answer:  If you are using a shovel with a narrower shaft diameter than what The HEFT is designed for, you can still use The HEFT by inserting a screw (not included) through the existing screw hole found on the ‘collar’ of the HEFT.

3.  Does the HEFT work with tool shafts made from a variety of materials?

Answer:  The rubber gripping pads of the HEFT collars grip the best on a rougher surface, such as wood, but still works on plastic or metal – if you need more of a grip to keep The HEFT in place, try wrapping a cloth tape, such as hockey tape, around the shaft where you would like to place The HEFT – this should help stop it from sliding.

4.  Can I use The HEFT with more than just my snow shovel?

Answer:  Sure!  The HEFT is also great for gardening tools such as spades, rakes, hoes and more.  We’ve even had people tell us they’re using The HEFT with their vacuum cleaner, painting poles and pool skimmers – any long shaft tool with a 1.2 – 1.33″ diameter – just give it a try.

5.  What about using The HEFT with a curved ergonomic snow shovel?

Answer:  The HEFT is designed to work with straight long shaft tools and has not been tested or designed for curved ergonomic snow shovels.

6.  Are there any tips for storage and maintenance?

Answer:  Yes – we’d love you to keep your HEFT for a long time, so follow these tips:

  • If you’re keeping The HEFT on your shovel outside, the rubber grips may become temporarily compressed.  Remove The HEFT from your shovel and bring it inside to warm up to room temperature.  Storing it off the shovel will help keep the pads from compressing.
  • If you’re storing your HEFT in the garage or outside, give the rubber pads a cleaning every now and then to remove dirt and dust, as you want the rubber to be clean to get the best grip.

7.  It’s really cold where I live – will The HEFT break?

Answer:  No. The HEFT has been tested to withstand temperatures from -35 C to +35 C, so you should be OK using it in the cold – just try to store it inside out of the bitter cold to keep the pads in good working order.

8.  Where is The HEFT made?

Answer:  The HEFT is made in Ontario, Canada using the highest quality materials.

9.  Does The HEFT have any medical endorsements?

Answer: The HEFT has been endorsed by a number of Doctors and Physiotherapists – including a Harvard Trained Orthopedic Surgeon.

10.  What awards has The HEFT won?

Answer:  The HEFT won the bronze ‘Pitch Tank’ award at the National Hardware Show 2012 – this was when it was still a home-made prototype!