Customer Comments and Reviews

Whether through the HEFT Facebook page, @theHEFT on Twitter, or via email,  we’ve received some pretty great feedback from happy HEFT customers!  Thanks to all of you who have let us know how much you love your HEFT!

Here’s a few:

After countless rotations during five hours, the HEFT easily pulled through and I didn’t hurt my back.  My job was to maintain the pathway that people were going to walk on in order to prevent ice from being formed. The Heft was pivotal in helping me to do that efficiently and without hurting my back.

Marc B

I love shoveling snow – the air and much needed exercise.   Recently I broke my wrist but I found the heft helped me continue my shoveling.  By cradling the shovel handle in the crook of my injured arm I could grab the heft with my good hand and keep on shoveling.  I think it is marvelous and could be very helpful to certain handicaps.

I just finished digging out our driveway after the snowfall in Ottawa, and my back is good! Thank you, Heft! Best $20 I ever spent in the winter!  Geoff I.  Orleans, Ontario

 I love shoveling.  I love shoveling even more since getting the Heft.  It is an awesome product and makes shoveling an easy job. Thanks.  Lin

Hello, Just to let you know this is one of the best products I have ever purchased. It’s a well-made product. I really love the fact that I don’t wake up with back pain from shoveling now
Rob B. Southern Ontario
@TheHeft  #cbcdragonsden @cbcdragon Got My Dad The Heft He Loves It!

 @yourPhysiocom: @TheHeft gets my recommendation @NewYorkcom @washingtondcI bought this item for my husband. He and his buddies really like it.What a great invention!! Everyone in MN should buy this. We have a long driveway so this is s huge help when we don’t need the snowblower.Used this today. Does as claimed. Little hard to get on handle, but well worth getting. It snowed tobay (3in) worked great on my snow shovel.This tool attachment(shovel, snow shovel, rake, etc.) is the greatest thing since sliced butter(bread was already taken). For a minute you try to use your lower back muscles the way you always have but then you get it! You don’t have to lean over at all with this handle add on. It attaches anywhere on the tool handle you want to(and very easy to remove and adjust). You stand straight up and work naturally. No strain, no pain. I have a back back and when I work and come inside my back will hurt at least the rest of the day. NOT TODAY! Just shoveled snow off two driveways and no pain(ordering a spare one now). A must have and a great gift. Watch their face until they snap it on an old tool : )

I bought your product last night; I have significant low back pain as a result of bulged discs and spinal stenosis. I just shovelled my driveway and I am sitting here after w no pain.
Thanx again.

Dec 16: Sure was happy for The Heft to help with shoveling in Calgary this morning! Thank you HEFT!  Hilary L, Calgary Alta

My dad loves his #TheHeft @wealthy_barber #DragonsDen

@TheHeft my Mom & Dad love @TheHeft I got them for Xmas! Thanks for letting us ‘Mericans in on it! #PerfectPresent #theHeft